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some unsolicited comments from our actual customers:
"Thanks for all the wonderful cards and bookmarks! I love everything! Keep up the good work."
~ Harriet J. (Macon, Georgia)
"What absolutely stunning colors and graphics! Great job choosing the quotes!"
~ Diane T. (Elmwood Park, Illinois)
"very pleased with the items I received and how they were packed - carefully and arrived in perfect condition.
Love your stuff! Will pass an enthusiastic recommendation along to all my book loving friends."
~ Judith M. (Arvada, Colorado)
"I love all of your work!!"
~ Mayre G. (Davenport, Florida)
"prior customer ... prior very satisfied customer!
Great products at great prices with great service! Thank you."
~ Paul M. (Saranac Lake, New York)
"I received my order today and was very pleased with it.
It was packaged better than some breakable things I have bought."
~ Carol S. (Kirkwood, Missouri)
"I was very pleased with my last order. Thank You!"
~ Muriel F. (Brooklyn, New York)
"Great customer service.... Thank you so much for your help."
~ Jane L. (Arlington, Massachusetts)
"Your posters are framed and hanging in my classroom. Your stuff is beautiful. Thank you!"
~ Cynthia W. (Indianapolis, Indiana)
"A real find. Thank you."
~ Kathleen M. (Beverly Hills, California)
"My second order - I love your stuff!"
~ Geoffrey T. (Lakewood, Colorado)
"Beautiful....lovely to encourage young readers"
~ Lin M. (Montreal, Quebec Canada)
"Thank you for promoting reading and thinking."
~ Elizabeth B. (Indianapolis, Indiana)
"I was very pleased with the quality of all the merchandise; everything is even nicer than I anticipated.
The order was packed perfectly and arrived in beautiful condition."
~ Karen M. (Orland Park, Illinois)
"Love your merchandise!"
~ Patty L. (St. Louis, Missouri)
"Cool stuff!"
~ Alice L. (Greeley, Colorado)
"I LOVE your site!!"
~ Cathy M. (Mount Sinai, New York)
"Everything looks interesting. Can't wait to shop. Thank you."
~ Jane V. (Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania)
"So glad I stumbled upon your website. These products will come in handy at our school libraries!"
~ Dawn D. (Cortland, Ohio)
"I looooove your posters! Beautiful!!!"
~ Natalie M. (Annandale, Virginia)
"Good stuff - Keep it up!"
~ Mark M. (Basalt, Colorado)
"I am a book addict. I love anything related to books. I love books about books!
I work in a library! It's heaven. So many books, so little time, as they say. Life is good."
~ Katherine W. (Atlanta, Georgia)
"great, great products!!"
~ Michele P. (Dundas, Ontario)
"I love your merchandise. You 'get' readers and I thank you for that."
~ Lee A. (Davison, Michigan)
"I love the fact that you have so many illustrators that you cannot find anywhere else!"
~ Leanne B. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
"Your bookmarks and posters advocating reading are wonderful!
They are my favorite posters to hang in my room each year I start a new school year."
~ Diane P. (Doswell, Virginia)
"I love your customer comments. I'd like to be one of them. Thank you,"
~ Virginia C. (Lincroft, New Jersey)
"I'm a Book Addict .... I love anything about books, and I'm sure I'll be ordering from you - for myself and gifts."
~ Ruth Ann M. (Decatur, Indiana)
"I love your products! Now my dilemna is deciding what to order first. :-)"
~ Shelly M. (Palmyra, Virginia)
"Where have you been all my life? ... ordered one of almost everything... "
~ Margaret A. (Princeton, New Jersey)
"What a great great collection -- I know what I want for the rest of my birthdays!!!"
~ Kerrie M. (Alpena, Michigan)
"Brilliant site!!!!"
~ Paula K. (Lopez Island, Washington)
"I am so excited about finding this web site. I am sure I will be doing some shopping -- hopefully, for gifts,
but definitely for me. Thank you."
~ Janie R. (San Angelo, Texas)
"I have ordered from you before and the quality of the merchandise is outstanding as is the service."
~ Bobbi S. (Longmont, Colorado)
"I cannot believe I found you. This is the perfect place for bibliophiles.... I love this site."
~ Sonia F. (Freehold, New Jersey)
"... and I thought, wow, a website selling stuff celebrating books - how cool is this?"
~ Geoffrey T. (Lakewood, Colorado)
"I just received the cards and bookmarks, and everything is great....
Keep up the good work, and thanks again.
p.s. your packing job was fabulous. :-)"
~ Nancy S. (North York, Ontario Canada)
"Just wanted to say your products are beautiful!
I love the posters I have from you - I look at them every day!
Keep printing great book stuff! :)"
~ Rachelle K. (South Jordan, Utah)
"Received my order today, and am delighted. Thank you ....
Nicely wrapped, which was a good touch. Cordially,"
~ Paul M. (Saranac Lake, New York)
"LOVE your stuff!"
~ Renee B. (Minnetonka, Minnesota)
"What terrific new products - you just keep getting better and better!!!"
~ Scott L. (Anderson, Indiana)
"Beautiful posters! Can't wait to put them up in my school library in Saudi Arabia!"
~ Mary O. (West Topsham, Vermont)
"I'm in love with this website! I could plaster my whole house with these prints...."
~ Amanda N. (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)
"I would love to have these in my classroom and I will tell other teachers in my school where I got them!"
~ Janet R. (San Pedro, California)
"I love your catalog and your prints. Thank you!"
~ Alison P. (Olney, Maryland)
"Just a note of thanks. I had placed an order for a couple of posters and bookmarks with a request for
them to arrive by the 19th and they [already] came today. Really appreciate the effort and also wanted you
to know they are just right. Keep up the good work on spreading the joy of reading."
~ Nina M. (Lincoln, California)
"LOVE your products! Am so grateful I stumbled upon your site!"
~ Cassie A. (Rockford, Illinois)
"If I had more money I would spend it all here!"
~ Rena H. (Carson City, Nevada)
"I love your posters and would like to share the catalog with teachers at my school."
~ Melinda P. (Crestview, Florida)
"I ordered 3 prints before...and I was so impressed with the quality & speed & personal-like
touch to my transaction. My son is a kindergarten teacher, hence the bookmarks.
The other prints were for my other son who is a journalist.... He loves the B&W prints!
I wish I could order more often....I promise I will be back & order again soon."
~ Susan D. (Redding, California)
"Delightful! Wonderful!"
~ Deborah A. (Columbia, South Carolina)
"Great for English teachers!!!"
~ Barbette T. (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
"I'm back again!"
~ Helen S. (Gansevoort, New York)
"Such beautiful prints and a great collection of bookmarks."
~ Lizabeth T. (Port St. Lucie, Florida)
"I think I've found a wonderful place to shop!"
~ Roxy R. (Albany, Oregon)
"I am a High School Teacher in a college prep school. I love your stuff."
~ Jennifer H. (Midland, Texas)
"I checked you out online and absolutely LOVE your merchandise!!!!"
~ Yvonne F. (Coal Township, Pennsylvania)
"This is our second order - our 1 year old loves the surrealism and bright colors of your prints -
we frame them and hang them in the nursery and in our home library. thanks!"
~ Johanna B. (Bangor, Maine)
~ Miriam Q. (Hialeah, Florida)
"What a lucious place you have there! I want to buy all of your posters."
~ Elizabeth K. (Buffalo, New York)
"These posters are beautiful and enchanting! Perfect for oneself and as gifts. Can't wait to order."
~ Joan E. (Roanoke, Virginia)
"We are diehard bibliophiles as well as booksellers just starting out and hoping to have
our own shop one day. Your merchandise seems to be perfect for decorating!"
~ Lisa and Ron K. (East Hampton, Connecticut)
"I have ordered from your company before, and I just love your offerings! Thank you!"
~ Judith M. (Avon, New Jersey)
"In case anyone is reading this.......You guys are awesome!
I am happy to have discovered your site...there is a lot of beautiful stuff on it. I have in my minds eye
a bookstore/literacy center for kids, and now it has your posters all over it."
~ Abigail B. (Ridgefield, Washington)
"I am the office manager for [our university] Learning Program.... I am also a student pursuing an
English degree with the hope of bringing reading and literacy to undeveloped countries and communities.
I volunteer with various literacy groups in my neighborhood as well as with Circle of Friends
an organization whose mission is to get elementary school children reading independently by grade 3.
I will be purchasing posters and bookmarks to hand out during my volunteer hours and
i think your organization is AWESOME. keep up the good work"
~ Lisa P. (Fort Myers, Florida)
"Received poster and bookmark of 'Books to the Ceiling' as a gift. Had loved it for years. Now it's mine!!"
~ J.B.O. (Findlay, Ohio)
"I am a self proclaimed 'bookaholic'. I don't frequent libraries. I have to OWN the book.
Bookstore is my middle name! I have just purchased another oak bookcase to hold more books!!!
I look forward to your catalog!"
~ Patti H. (Otsego, Michigan)
"I received the order yesterday. Thanks. I wanted to tell you how GORGEOUS the bookmarks are!
...when I unwrapped them to prepare them for laminating...lo and behold! they already were!!!
A delightful surprise.... My reading friends will love them. So glad I found your site. :)"
~ Helen S. (Gansevoort, New York)
"These prints are just what I am looking for! Thanks!"
~ Peggy P. (West Springfield, Massachusetts)
"I am an Educational Support Professional at a Junior High School (grades 7-8-9). I have worked
extensively in Literacy, established and monitored student book clubs, established and regularly
attend a staff book club, assist with the instruction of struggling readers/writers in a Reading Lab.
My passion is reading and Literacy. Your posters are very inspirational! They are perfect for our
Student Book Club, as well as our Reading Lab."
~ Anita F. (Maple Grove, Minnesota)
"I live in Switzerland and teach at College du Leman In Versoix and would love to have
one of your catalogues....Thanks!"
~ Marilyn G. (Gland, Switzerland)
"I do appreciate your response...so timely and accommodating. Thank you.
You have restored some willingness to take a chance on dealing with unknown
vendors whose merchandise I find appealing.... Appreciatively, "
~ Celine K. (Loveland, Colorado)
"Thanks so much for the attention to [my] email.... I am impressed at your company's prompt
and thoughtful response. I'll keep your company in mind for the future. Thanks again. Sincerely,"
~ Paula S. (Los Angeles, California)

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